Pat S. 

"Peripheral Neuropathy with diabetes brought me to see Dr. Birkenmeier.  Now, my feet do not hurt as bad, so I acn walk more.  I own a convienience store so being able to be on my feet without as much pain helps.  I can walk easier, without as much pain. What impressed me was that  he did not try to tell me to live with pain, but that he could help me."



Barbara P.

"I had sciatica nerve damage and it was very painful.  Today I'm able to walk without a walker.  I'm also able to work and go about my daily routine.  The staff is friendly and professional.  I would refer a friend or family member to Dr Birkenmeier."


Esther S.

"Neuropathy in my feet.  Dr. Birkenmeier gave me laser treatment on my feet and it helped me tremendously.  I had no feeling in my feet and they hurt.  Now I can go to bed and not have so much burning and hurtingand I walk better."



Carrie D.

"I experienced significant relief within the first 2 visits.  Dr. Birkenmeier uses the most up-to-date technology He provides me a thorough explanation of each step of my treatment plan." 



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