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Welcome to the Neuropathy and Pain Relief Institute here in St. Louis.

We take satisfaction in helping our patients improve their health when dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy and Chronic Pain in the Lower Back, Hip, Knees, Shoulders, Neck and/or Feet.

We provide patients with as much information as possible, enabling informed decisions regarding their treatment options. We build relationships with each patient, and work hard to make sure that we deserve our patients’ respect and confidence. With this foundation we can provide the care that patients expect and deserve.

We treat peripheral neuropathy which is pain and numbness in the lower extremities. Peripheral neuropathy can be caused from several things. The main reason many people suffer from peripheral neuropathy is due to diabetes. It can also be caused by several other reasons including injuries to the nerve, alcoholism, side effects to medications, chemotherapy treatment and many more.

On this website you will find information about our practice and the services we provide. Please explore and learn more about our services.

We work with most of the major insurance plans and call to verify benetis BEFORE treatment so people know about cost upfront.

About Dr. Birkenmeier

Dr. Jeffery D. Birkenmeier, DC, founder of the Neuropathy and Pain Relief Institute, is reaching out to the public to educate and bring hope to those people who have neuropathy and pain related to fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel and tingling in the hands and tingling in the feet. With a background in engineering where he was responsible for trouble shooting manufacturing processes and optimizing machinery, he is successfully helping people who have been told "you will just have to live with it." His caring, straightforward, logical approach to helping people with neuropathy and pain is welcomed by people who come and see him. Dr. Birkenmeier is approachable and highly focused on seeing people get better. 

Being an engineer, he uses the latest technology, like lasers, and believes strongly in advancing treatments using the best available treatment. He also believes in using synergy to help people the most. Synergy is when multiple focused approaches are used at once to get a better response than each individual approach. That's why he has created the unique Neuropathy and Pain Treatment System. It is a proprietary, one-of-a-kind system that is showing excellent results for many people, amazingly after the first treatment. 

There is so much hype out there when it comes to things nowadays. Dr. Birkenmeier isn't about hype, he is about logical approaches and he really doesn't care about anything but results. The people who come to see him commonly say that "he really listens to you and cares about getting you better". 

The treatments over at the Neuropathy and Pain Relief Institute are safe for most people to use. Safety is top priority at the Institute and that is why the Qualification Evaluation is so important. It not only is important to see if the system could work for someone, it is also to make sure it is safe. 

So, what would someone experience who came to the Neuropathy and Pain Relief Institute? They are greeted by warm and friendly staff, listened to by the doctors and are fully clothed for the treatments. Since they will be working on feet and legs, people will need to take their shoes off, but remain fully clothed and resting comfortably during visits. No rigorous exercise routines, no shots, drugs or surgery, no painful tests or treatments. The treatments are relaxing and soothing to people and often people will nod off to sleep.

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